My Year In Playlist Form

Hey, long time no see! I thought I’d take this chance, at the end of the year, to announce that I’m not really blogging here anymore. I keep hoping I’ll find time to come back and do more but…it’s not happening and I’m not sure if it will. BUUUUT, I miss you all! And I’m still on twitter @TheStoryGoes_ and I’ve started a new writing blog called I’m A Writer, I Write here if you want to know what I’m up too. My only real regret this year, isn’t basically quitting blogging because I just don’t have the time for that and it started to be nothing but stress inducing, I do however regret losing touch with everyone. That wasn’t my intention and am so sorry for that. <3

Much like last year, I decided to go through my year in the form of music. I do monthly playlists so it’s easy to go back and see what I was listening too and when and a few things became obvious. One, is that it’s a really good thing I stopped working on This World In Gray, it’s a book I love, and poured my heart into but looking through the playlists from the beginning of this year when I was still working on that it was…depressing and too much like holding on to the past year that I poured into that book. It was both a hard and easy decision to let go of that book at the time, I worked on it for like two years and then just realized you know, it’s not the one. But I think that’s good. I can also clearly see my downward trajectory wherein from oh probably April to September I was pushing myself way too hard on things. That’s again reflected in some damn depressing songs from around August/September when I really noticed what I was doing and that I needed to calm down a little.

July though was all the fun, while pushing myself harder than ever in Camp NaNo I wrote some fun things and I went on a writer’s retreat with my mom and that was the best. In August I went to see Disturbed with Breaking Benjamin and that was amazing. Then I got one of the most inspiring ideas of my life, it was one of those that I kind of had to chase down and when I got it I just…knew it was going to be something special. And it all started with a song, Something Wild by Lindsey Stirling.

War of Hearts was a big song for me because I got obsessed with Shadowhunters this year and officially joined my first fandom where I’ve made some AMAZING friends, and also started writing fan fiction which proved to be really good for me.

For me the highs of my year are always marked by the fun songs, when I went through Marianas Trench phases, those were good months.

This is why I like using music to recount my year, even if I’m the only one that gets it. Because, if you’re like me, you obsessively listen to certain songs at certain times and they always kind of instill in you the feelings you felt when you were obsessed with them, if that makes any kind of sense.

So yeah. 2016, in a playlist:

And 2017, my hopes in a playlist:

How are you all? Any goals/plans for next year???


Okay I’m the worst at posting recently and this isn’t even book related but please read through because it’s VERY IMPORTANT.
Basically, we’re trying to save a great tv show that has amazing LGBT representation! Among other things. XD
About Eyewitness: Eyewitness is a crime drama that airs Sunday nights on USA Network. It follows the story of two teenage boys (among others) Lukas and Phillip (one openly gay, one painfully closeted and confused) who witness a triple homicide that they then keep secret from the police on account of Lukas not wanting anyone to know he was out with Philip. It has great LGBT representation, not to mention an amazing cast, great writing, and an interesting plot with lots of complex characters!
A few reasons why you should watch it:
– Philkas: Let’s be real, we’re book bloggers, we’re book nerds and we love the ships, right? So Philkas is an amazing ship for many reasons. But, you know, most importantly they’re lovable, they have issues, make stupid choices but they’re REAL, you know? And they’ll break your heart and put you back together again in like every episode, many times.
– All the amazing characters. To find other characters that are great you need look no further than Helen and Gabe who have taken Philip in because his mom is a drug addict. Again, they’re both flawed (Helen’s not good with trust and clearly has some bad things in her past) but who doesn’t like flawed characters??? And yeah, a lot of the characters are super flawed and you know bad and things, but it’s good, just trust me, I’ve never steered you wrong before!
– Crime drama, bruh. There’s crime. There’s drama. There’s a triple homicide and creepy af killer. What else could you want????
I know the book blogging world is always about how we NEED diverse books and we DO but we also need diverse tv shows and Eyewitness is such a great show and they handle their gay characters SO WELL. And it’s going to get canceled and it won’t get a second season if we can’t increase the views which is just a shame. One of tv’s best and only LGBT shows getting canceled even though it’s an amazing show both including and not even talking about the LGBT representation because no one will watch it!?!?!?!
For the last few weeks the fandom has been working overtime on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, trying to help increase views and make the network aware of how many people love the show and how important it is, and we increased views last week which was amazing but not enough sadly! So we need to reach out even further and do all we can this week when the new episode airs on Sunday night at 10pm!
If you need more convincing the actor that plays one of the main roles (Lukas, a very confused and hurting gay teenager) wrote this today:

So please if can signal boost this, watch the past episodes on USA Network if you want and just give it a chance! Even if you don’t actually watch it if you could just turn your tv to USA and help with views and give it a chance that would be awesome. Anything would help if you’d just give the show a chance, please! I don’t know if any book bloggers out there are watching the show but I KNOW if we can get a bunch too it could really help!

If you can tweet @USA_Network and include hashtags #eyewitness and #wewanteyewitnessseason2 that would be beyond amazing, but most importantly just give the show a chance, see if you like it, it’s amazing!
If you want to know more I’m going to link to a few posts on a friend’s Tumblr, she’s the best at these things and here are some of her posts about the show. How to save Eyewitness here , here and here.
Other various links:
USA Network — to watch the first episodes!
USA Network on twitter – to tweet your love
USA Network on Facebook — to talk about your love
Thanks for reading guys and make sure to check out the show if you haven’t yet! XD

Writing Confessions: The Oxford Comma




PRO Oxford Comma.


What is the Oxford comma?

Why does it matter?





The ‘Oxford comma’ is an optional comma before the word ‘and’ at the end of a list: We sell books, videos, and magazines. It’s known as the Oxford comma because it was traditionally used by printers, readers, and editors at Oxford University Press.
– from Oxford

Why do people care?

BECAUSE. If you don’t care you eat your Grandma!

If you don’t care then your parents are Hello Kitty and Spongebob:

Without Oxford comma: I invited my parents, Hello Kitty and Spongebob.

With Oxford comma: I invited my parents, Hello Kitty, and Spongebob.

So why do I CARE???

The Oxford comma saves lives. That’s why.

Okay, I confessed, your turn: are you pro-Oxford comma? Or you know, something else weighing on you that you’d like to confess? Do you *gasp* *looks around nervously* *whispers* not use the Oxford comma?